Finding the Best Spots for Solo Dining in Miami and Fort Lauderdale

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Want to Help the Restaurant Industry? Here's How ...


No doubt, 2020 has b*tch-slapped the restaurant industry. More than 8 million restaurant employees were laid off or furloughed, and the industry lost $235 billion in sales between March and November. 

Ceviche Arigato - Peruvian/Japanese Fusion - Weston

Sometimes cool and cozy is just what you need! The Weston neighborhood gem Ceviche Arigato is the perfect spot to get a light bite, or a hearty serving of Peruvian/Asian fusion fare. Check it out!

Describe the restaurant in three words: 

Quite, Cozy, Consistent

Solo dining rating:


The fact that this gem is housed in a strip mall means that there is ample FREE parking.

Can you eat at the bar?

Yes and No. There is a very small bar at Ceviche Arigato, however I have never seen anyone dine there. There is a big screen TV mounted on the wall above the bar for anyone interested, however it seems like the owners are the only ones who use that sitting space.  

What to wear:

Casual; T-shirts, jeans, etc.

People watching/entertainment rating:


Organic/Vegan Friendly
Yes; there are many choices from which to choose! There are several soups, salads, tapas, and rolls on the menu that are sure to please even the pickiest pallets.