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Want to Help the Restaurant Industry? Here's How ...


No doubt, 2020 has b*tch-slapped the restaurant industry. More than 8 million restaurant employees were laid off or furloughed, and the industry lost $235 billion in sales between March and November. 

Palme d'Or - Contemporary French - Coral Gables

My solo dining experience took me to the beautiful historic Biltmore Hotel's French restaurant, Palme d'Or. With so much history, this hometown treasure lived up to all of my expectations.  

Amuse Bouche

Describe the restaurant in three words: 

Old World Charm

Solo dining rating:


Valet parking fee of $18 
Tip: Ample free parking is available in The Biltmore Hotel parking lot; its a short walk to the restaurant.
Uber is easily accessible.

Can you eat at the bar?

No; there is no bar at which to dine in this restaurant. 

What to wear:

Many of the men wore jackets, and women were dressed nicely in warm sweaters and boots; it was a cold night and we know Floridians like to take out the 'winter wear' when the temperature drops to 65 degrees πŸ˜„

People watching/entertainment rating:

The restaurant was not crowded at the time of my visit. The entertainment was minimal and consisted of very soft, almost inaudible background music. Many of the patrons were on the 'mature' side; younger diners were there in what appeared to be family gatherings. Lots of old-world charm, with old-school, suite and tie service. Give the staff bonus points for referring to me as Miss and not M'am!

Organic/Vegan Friendly
Yes; however, keep in mind that Palme d'Or only serves a pre-fix dining menu (no a la carte options). There may be items on the tasting menu that you are not be able to eat. I made my food allergy known at the time of the reservation booking, and was pleased when when my server acknowledged this and assured me that the chef was aware. Palme d'Or will prepare a Kosher meal with 48 hours notice. There are also gluten free options. Very nice!