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DUNE - American/Seafood - Fort Lauderdale

"Sourcing local quality ingredients is key to creating delicious food, but high standards of execution are just as important."     Edgar Beas - Executive Chef at DUNE

Describe the Restaurant in Two Words:

Sophisticated and Serene

Solo Dining Rating:



DUNE is located inside of the Auberge Beach Residence and Spa on North Ocean Boulevard. There is nowhere to park; you will have to use the valet service, which is a reasonable $8. Personally, I think parking validation would be great!

Can You Eat at the Bar?

There are two bars at DUNE. The inside bar is very spacious and comfortable; there's no jostling for a space to sit. Comfortable high tops line the warm inviting space. I saw quite a few guests - solo by the way - enjoying an adult beverage and passing the time on their phones. The outside bar is equally comfortable, however, there were hardly any guests out there; it was a blistering 90+ degrees in the shade. Some fans would have been welcomed.

What to Wear:

The dress code at DUNE is typical of any high-end beach restaurant. Men wore shorts with button-down shirts, while the women mostly wore sundresses and flats. Nothing over-the-top or flashy here. I liked that.

People Watching/Entertainment/Atmosphere:

Steamed Mussels
I arrived at four o'clock on the dot to enjoy Happy Hour before my meal. I sat in one of the many big comfy chairs spread throughout the Ocean Terrace. DUNE is a beachfront restaurant and as such, I was able to enjoy the swaying palm trees and tall patches of grass which dotted the shoreline. The HH menu was pretty good; I was torn between "Champagne on the Half Shell" or Steamed Mussels. I chose the mussels and accompanied it with a lovely glass of Avissi Prosecco. I spent an entire hour outside enjoying the panoramic ocean views before I was collected by the smiling hostess. One hour down. 

The Food:

Chopped Little Gem Lettuce Salad
I was seated at a window-front table set for four, which was quickly cleared away leaving a table setting for one. The view was so serene and relaxing that I simply sat and gazed through the floor to ceiling windows. A full half-hour passed before I decided to place my order, which was taken from the Crave menu. It was a hard choice, but I confidently settled on the Chopped Little Gem Lettuce Salad. Goat cheese, baby beets, farro, and sherry vinaigrette. It was fantastic, and I don't even like beets! The vinaigrette was salty ... just how I like it! Lots of farro and fresh, flavorful greens. Farro consists of grains and wheat spices and it added the perfect crunch. I cleaned the bowl (except for the beets). The empty bowl was swiftly cleared away, and I asked my server Sharon (more about her later) to wait a while before bringing out the main course. Twenty minutes flew by as I watched seagulls do the same. 
Faroe Island Salmon

My second course was the Faroe Island Salmon with shaved fennel, satsuma, and bueree blanc. Satsumas are similar to tangerines, except they do not have seeds. The fennel was slightly crunchy, much like celery, however, it had a sweet, rich flavor. Bueree blanc (white butter) was generously poured atop the two slices of salmon. Combined, it was a new taste sensation for me; one that I rather enjoyed. My salmon came with a choice of side, and I went with the Brussel sprouts with shaved parmesan cheese. 

Once again, I asked my server to hold on to my dessert for just a bit. After another 15 - 20 minutes had passed, I resigned myself to the fact that I couldn't possibly eat one more thing. I still ordered the Valrhona Cake with caramel sauce, soil, and hazelnut gelato (which was left off because I knew it would have melted by the time I got home).  Before I knew it, an hour and a half had passed.


Brussel Sprouts
DUNE is definitely vegetarian/vegan-friendly. Diners have a choice of types of fish including Cobia, Grouper, Halibut, and Branzino. The raw bar menu concludes Hamachi Tiradito, Yellowfin Tuna, and Grouper Ceviche. 

What's Good About It for the Solo Diner?

Where do I begin? There's so much to love at DUNE. Let me begin with the absolutely fantastic service. It was my pleasure to have Sharon as my server. She was simply delightful. As a solo diner, I understand that it can sometimes be unnerving to sit at a large table for one in a room full of tables with two, four, or six-plus diners. I felt nothing of the sort, and give Sharon and the view all of the credit. She was quite possibly one of the nicest servers I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. We enjoyed great conversation, particularly about our love for South Florida (Spring Break in the '80s), Fort Lauderdale's ever-evolving culinary scene, and our mutual 'singleness'. Not only was she knowledgeable about the menu, but she was also well versed in all things Auberge. By the way, the property is fabulous! After my meal, I took a stroll along the boardwalk and enjoyed the dimming sunlight. This was followed by another quiet half-hour on the Ocean Terrace. 

Would I Return?

In a heartbeat! By the time I walked outside to collect my car from the valet, three and a half hours had passed. As a solo diner, I have never spent that amount of time in a restaurant, anywhere. I arrived at Happy Hour and left well into the evening dinner service. It was truly an amazing date ... with myself. 

2200 North Ocean Boulevard
Fort Lauderdale, FL


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