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Bubbles + Pearls - American/Seafood - Wilton Manors

Blink and you'll miss it ... and trust me ... you don't want to miss this little gem. In Wilton Manors, Bubbles + Pearls is worth a visit ...  

Describe the restaurant in three words: 
Lively, Trendy, Welcoming

Solo dining rating:


There is minimal parking along 4th Avenue in front of the restaurant. However, directly across the street is the large City Hall building with lots of space. It was raining on the night I visited; Parkmobile made it easy to pay in the pouring rain.

Can you eat at the bar?

Absolutely! The bar pretty much stretches from the front door to the kitchen.


What to wear:
Bubbles and Pearls is a very laid back and casual dining spot; think shorts, flip flops, or whatever you may be wearing at the moment.

People watching/entertainment/atmosphere rating:

Recall that I said the restaurant is really small.  That in no way, however, takes away from the delight of Bubbles + Pearls. There are two large TV screens at each end of the bar, which seats about eighteen diners. The Miami Heat was playing, and seeing how Dwayne Wade is one of my many 'pretend' husbands, I was obliged to watch.  The restaurant has lots of cute and quirky pictures hanging on the walls, and something I found particularly adorbs. According to business partner and Chef Josie's significant other Marcy, diners bring in old love notes just before Valentine's Day and they are pinned to the wall for all to read. These notes remain on the wall for about two months. How Cute!

Love Notes

The background music was a mix of old school 80's funk and rock, and new school hits. Chandeliers give a chic vibe, and bright yellow bar chairs and air-conditioning tube complete the decor. In addition to the bar, the remaining seating is at high-tops. Alas, the metal chairs are not very comfortable and the thin cushions, although cute, did little to soften the seat.
There were mostly couples enjoying dinner on the night of my visit. There was one family sitting at the table nearest the entrance enjoying a mountain of oysters, and one solo diner enjoying oysters and lamb chops at the bar. My visit was on rainy night, and that may have dampened the normally busy restaurant, but nonetheless, there was a solid crowd there enjoying the delicious menu choices.
Fresh Oysters

Organic/Vegetarian/Vegan Friendly
Yes. There are quite a few choices for the vegetarians. The Miso Cauliflower Steak is probably the highlight of those choices. It consists of roasted cauliflower, black garlic, sesame, miso ($16). There is East Coast and West Coast Oysters from which to choose, and if you get there during Happy Hour...they're only $1 ... I likey!!

What is good about it for the solo diner?
Solo dining at Bubbles + Pearls was quite enjoyable for me. My reservation was for 7, but as it turned out, I did't really need the reservation as it has a neighborhood eatery vibe; most diners just walked in and grabbed an open spot. The servers, oyster shuckers, and bartenders were very nice and friendly. I can understand why so may people were greeted with a big hug and kiss upon their arrival; there were many repeat customers and their affection for the restaurant and staff clearly showed. There is a large selection of bubblies from which to indulge, and bottles popped all evening long.

Sparkling Reisling
To begin my evening I - of course - ordered a glass of bubbly: sparkling Reisling ($11). It had a honey-crisp apple, honey and peach finish, mostly dry with just a whisper of sweetness. Perfect for what turned out be be great food choices on my part. 

Bubbling' Brie
I ordered two items off of the menu; Bubblin' Brie ($13) and 500 Degree Mussels ($15). The brie was literally one of the best things I've eaten all year. Melted Brie cheese, strawberries, honey, and fig jelly served in a hot dish with a loaf of fresh warm bread. I can't begin to describe how perfectly the entire dish came together. It was the highlight of the night. 

500 Degree Mussels
After I cleaned the plate of brie, it was time for the mussels. One of the specials of the night was red curry and coconut milk muscles, and I couldn't pass that up. The plate came hot and piled high. I am a lover of curry, and would really like to say it was amazing, but it was just alright for me. On a few occasions I got a mouth full of 'seasoning' apparently not mixed completely into the sauce. Perhaps next time I will try the Spicy Ahi Tuna; I saw it on the table behind me and looked absolutely delicious!

Fresh Oysters
What may not be good about it for the solo diner? 
Again, the restaurant is small, and the menu is a tad limited. This is not a place to go and expect lots of items from which to choose. If you're a beer drinker there are not a lot of choices here either. But this place is not about beer; it's about bubbly and oysters! One of the oyster shuckers told me that they put love into everything they make; I could tell.

Would I return? 
I would visit Bubbles and Pearls again. Aside from the fact that I'm a stalker of past Top Chef contestants, the food is really quite good. There is something for everyone here; wine, champagne, flatbread, ceviche, salads, and a few meat and poultry items. Nicely done Chef Josie!

Bubbles + Pearls
2037 Wilton Dr., 
Wilton Manors

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