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GK Bistronomie - Latin & Asian - Wynwood

Whether you're a native of South Florida or not, no visit to Miami would be complete without a trip to Wynwood. Vibrant artwork, trendy restaurants, and breweries abound; I decided to overindulge at GK Bistronomie ... 

Image by Emily H.
Describe the restaurant in three words: 

Hip, Trendy, Innovative

Solo dining rating:


Wynwood is a very popular area;  depending of the day and time, street parking may or may not be available (Parkmobile is the way to go).
The Wynwood parking lot is a good option (2700 NW 2nd Ave).

Can you eat at the bar?

You can dine at both the inside and outside bars at GK Bistronomie. The outside bar does not have as  much space, but it's a little cozier and more intimate than the inside bar. 

Image by Ericka G
Image by Emily H.


What to wear:

Florida Casual. GK Bistronomie is in the arts district where everyone pretty much expresses themselves in every way possible; attire is no exception. It's a great combination of style and trend. 

People watching/entertainment/atmosphere rating:


Organic/Vegetarian/Vegan Friendly
Vegetarian, Vegan, and Gluten Free are on the menu. Story Fry Tofu, Potato Gnocchi, and Red Curry and Vegetables are delicious options.

What is good about it for the solo diner?
Classic Peruvian Ceviche
There's so much to love about GK Bistronomie for the solo diner. Let's begin at the beginning. I was greeted very warmly and was given the option of sitting at the bar or my reserved table for one. I opted for the high-top seating, as it put me smack in the middle of the restaurant with a great view of the entire dining area.

The crowd was a good mix of younger and older patrons, but all were beautifully melded into one pot that makes Miami, and particularly Wynwood, a perfect spot to soak up the South Florida vibes. The open kitchen is a favorite of mine; I love to witness the beehive of activity that takes place behind the scenes.

Even though I was alone at my table, I made friends with a nearby group who were celebrating someone's new job. They raised their glasses to toast the new thrilled new-hire, and so did I. This was apparently enough for them to welcome me into their very rowdy group for the rest of my time at GK Bistronomie! What a blast!
We talked, laughed, and celebrated being in beautiful South Florida for what has been a brutal winter for the rest of the country.

Pork Taquitos
I ordered the Peruvian Classic Ceviche ($14) as my
appetizer ( of my two appetizers...don't judge). Black Grouper, lime, garlic, onion, cilantro, white corn, and corn nut .... YUM!!!!

I also ordered the Pork Taquitos ($12). I'm not normally a taquito kinda gal, but I saw it on another diner's table and it looked nothing like the taquitos I used to feed my kids after school. These expertly crafted bites of yumminess didn't taste like my kids taquitos either. My new friends sampled my dish and agreed it was "Nacho Mama's Taquito" --- get it??

The Pan Seared Sea Bass ($32) was my entree of choice (yes, I ate more after my two appetizers... I said don't judge). It was not only beautifully presented, but also meticulously prepared and plated. The cauliflower puree was the perfect texture, but it was the asparagus and balsamic reduction that stole the show for me. It's brilliant flavor and color tied the entire plate together.

Pan Seared Sea Bass

What may not be good about it for the solo diner?
Sorry - can't think of one negative for the solo diner here. GK Bistronomie has a lot to offer every type of diner, and every type of palate. It's a fun, friendly, and vibrant restaurant in the middle of the continuously evolving neighborhood of Wynwood.

Would I return?
I'm probably there right now πŸ˜‹
Cheers 🍷

GK Bistronomie 
218 NW 25th St, 
Miami, FL 33127
(786) 204-1751


  1. I love that it’s the type of place where you can make friends with the people at other tables!

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    1. I'm so happy that you enjoyed reading my review of GKB! It really is a great place not only for solo diners but also for any size group of friends! Keep reading - there's tons of great dining spots in SoFl! Cheers!