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Sea Watch on the Ocean - Seafood - Fort Lauderdale

A blustery weekend in South Florida blew me to the enclosed patio of Sea Watch on the Ocean which was selected in 2016 as the most scenic restaurant in the nation ....

Describe the restaurant in three words: 

Old Florida Charm

Solo dining rating:


Complimentary valet service. 
Lots of free parking in the large lot.

Can you eat at the bar?

Yes. There is a good-sized bar on the second floor of Sea Watch on the Ocean. On this visit, it was quite crowded with  no empty spaces for a solo diner. I had reservations for one in the main dining area so it did not impact my experience. 

Bar Area

What to wear:

Casual; most diners wore pants with light sweaters or jackets.

People watching/entertainment/atmosphere rating:

The restaurant was quite full with lots of 'mature' diners. There was a table nearby with a few enthusiastic young children. The background music was so low it was almost inaudible. The atmosphere was overall peaceful, old-time Florida rustic, with lots of modern lighting and nautical accessories. Oh...did I mention the incredibly beautiful view available from every single table?

Main Dining Area

Main Dining Area

Organic/Vegetarian/Vegan Friendly
Yes; there are many choices from which to choose! Vegetarian and gluten-free options abound on the menu.

What is good about it for the solo diner?
Upon entering the 40-year old restaurant, I was greeted by a charming hostess who after only a few minutes, walked me to my table for one. It was actually a very nice spot in the restaurant next to a large pane window that overlooked the Atlantic Ocean. Because of the high wind speeds, the normally open windows on the patio were closed.

Although the unpretentious restaurant is large, it feels quite intimate once you're inside. It could have been the natural wood decor or soft lighting, but I felt warm and welcomed. The wine and drink lists are adequate, albeit not extensive. My waiter was prompt and polite; not much on small talk or 'table touching'.

I started my meal with a glass of White Zinfandel ($8) and Baked Oysters ($15). The oysters were just ok; even though cayenne pepper, apple-wood bacon butter, garlic, and spinach were piled on these half shelves...they lacked flavor. There were also pieces of shell in three of my six oysters.

Baked Oysters
For my main course I decided to go old-school with the surf and turf; Lobster Tail and Top Sirloin ($37). Again, it was just OK. There didn't seem to be anything special about the meal; I asked for the lobster tail and sirloin and that's what I got...nothing new, interesting, or exciting. The sirloin was cooked to perfection and topped with a spoonful of bearnaise source and crunchy bits. The lobster was a little cold when it arrived at my table, and the melted butter, once again, was just that...plain melted butter. Two steamed broccoli florets and a few carrots completed the dish. I cannot say that the food was bad because it wasn't; what it lacked was imagination, innovation, and attention to detail.

Lobster Tail and Top Sirloin

What may not be good about it for the solo diner?
It depends on your age group: I would not recommend Sea Watch on the Ocean for the millennial solo diner. For the baby-boomers, however, it may be a nice place to visit. It is practically a landmark on the South Florida dining scene; many generations of families have gotten married and celebrated anniversaries and birthdays here. It is also a favorite of the snowbirds who flock to Florida during the winter. Their mature clientele seated around me frequently looked over at me and smiled. As I was paying my bill and getting ready to leave, the lady sitting next to me with her husband asked me why I was having dinner alone? "You're such a pretty girl...why are you here eating alone?" I responded by telling her I was OVERQUALIFIED 😆

Would I return?
I will probably not return to Sea Watch on the Ocean as a solo diner. If you are looking for a more vibrant or lively environment where you can enjoy an equally lively and vibrant meal, Sea Watch on the Ocean may not be the place for you either. 
Overqualified 😊
Sea Watch on the Ocean
6002 North Ocean Boulevard
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308

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