Finding the Best Spots for Solo Dining in Miami and Fort Lauderdale

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CinéBistro @ CityPlace - American - Doral

Dining out alone does not have to be restricted to an actual restaurant! Why not treat yourself to dinner AND a movie! Did I find the perfect spot in Doral to do so?  Read all about my experience and find out ...

Describe the establishment in three words: 

Comfortable, Chic, and Alcohol 🍷🍸

Solo dining rating:


If you've ever been to Dolphin Mall, you know you need to be prepared to drive in circles for a while trying to find a parking spot. There is, however, free valet parking for any guest with a ticket purchased on the same day. GREAT DEAL! Additionally, there is a large, free parking garage where you will more than likely have to drive up to the higher levels to find an open space.

Can you eat at the bar?

Yes, there is a very nice bar at CineBistro...most guests enjoy an adult beverage while waiting for the cinema doors to open. You can also eat at one at several hightops in the lounge which is very South Florida sexy and retro chic.

Fully Stocked Sexy Bar

Lounge Area

What to wear:

Smart Casual; it was a cool night in Doral, so everyone had on long pants and was covered in sweaters and jackets. It is not a casual establishment, but you don't have to dress for the typical SoFl night out.

People watching/entertainment/atmosphere rating:

CinéBistro is a movie there's no people watching going on. The atmosphere inside the lounge and bar area is very much like any other cozy bistro; high-top tables, cozy white leather sofas and chairs, warm red walls and carpeting, and dazzling modern chandeliers. Inside the actual theater is intimate and comfortable. For the theater enthusiasts, it boasts 4k digital projection and 7.1 surround sound. I was quite cozy and eager to watch one of my pretend husbands, Liam Neeson, in The Commuter.

Organic/Vegetarian/Vegan Friendly
Yes; there are a few items to choose from, such as the BLT sandwich with Seared Salmon, Bianco Roll, Bacon, Arugula, Lemon Basil Dressing, Sliced Tomato & Sweet Tomato Jam, and a Kale Salad with Salted Almonds, Dried Cherries, Pickled Shallots, Sliced Radish, Pecorino Vinaigrette. There is not much in the way of gluten free items.

What is good about it for the solo diner?
I know what you're thinking; who would ever want to go to a movie theater alone where you're sure to stick out as a solo viewer/diner. The seating (which you get to choose beforehand) is arranged in pairs - but don't panic 😯 there is enough space between you and your neighbor so you won't feel like the third wheel. Because CineBistro serves alcohol, there is a strict age policy and no one under 21 is allowed entry after 6 pm. Guests can also choose to dine in the lounge or bar if not actually seeing a movie. The idea here is to lean back in your big, comfy, leather chair and enjoy the movie (which I certainly did). 

What may not be so good about  
What I did not certainly enjoy, was the food. I waited for quite some time for a waitress to get to me to take my order - I didn't really want to eat while the movie was playing. When she did get to my seat, I ordered the Wagu Beef Sliders with Bacon Jam, Tomato, and Fontina ($14.75). It sounded good and looked delicious on their website (I checked out the menu before I went). Unfortunately, I was not impressed with what the server brought my seat. 

My CineBistro Wagu Sliders

Web Version of CineBistro Wagu Sliders

My sliders were overcooked and looked like a hockey puck sandwiched between equally sad buns. Where was the cheese? It seemed as though my sliders were an afterthought and prepared without any care. The fries (which I requested not be added) were way overcooked and inedible. I was very disappointed (but Liam Neeson was getting into beast mode so I didn't dwell on the sad sliders). I also ordered one of my favorite appetizers, fried Brussel Sprouts. The CineBistro version came with Sweet Soy Sauce, Chopped Bacon, Almonds, Green Onion ($8.00). The sprouts looked and smelled appealing, but I was again disappointed with the taste. They were so greasy that I needed to wipe my mouth after each fork full.  A glass of Sangria ($9.00) washed it all down. I powered through my meal like Liam Neeson powered through his commute! 😝

Brussel Sprouts

Would I return?
I will probably not return to CineBistro as a solo diner. While the seating and the movie experience was great, the food was not. Part of the $14.50 entrance fee is to be able to enjoy dinner and movie...the only good part about this experience was the movie - thank you Liam Neeson - once again you saved the day!

CineBistro @ CityPlace Doral
3450 NW 83rd Ave.
Doral, FL 33122 


  1. I loved the actual comparison to the web comparison! Such a good idea and they are obviously misrepresenting their food! I’ve always wanted to try a Dinner and Movie spot but after reading your review I think I will try elsewhere!

    1. Daniella the theater itself is fab, and maybe I just visited on a bad night for food. I wouldn't totally write CineBistro off...there are lots of other choices on the menu which I did not try.

  2. I love dinner and movie venues! Although the food was disappointing, I would still give this place a try because of the bar, lol. Can’t beat a movie with a little bit of a buzz.

    1. You've got that right! The bar has a fairly extensive variety of top shelf liquors. You can get your buzz, before, during, and after the movie!